Technical Info

Jimmy Jib Triangle is an aluminium lightweight camera crane.It has a two axis remote head(Pan and Tilt). It is designed to handle film and television formats.

The Jimmy Jib can Handle Cameras up to 50LBS (22.6 KG) and has a reach of 30 FT(9.1M)

It has A Simple Single cable system and eliminates the need for a heavy, complicated tie rod system.

The remote head can be mounted on top or underslung.

The remote head is super smooth, fast and quiet and has zero backlash.

The single post head design allows unlimited access to the mounted camera.

Routing the electronic cable internally allows multiple 360’s without the use of unreliable slip rings. Unique internal head cables allow over 600 degrees of pan rotation.

Remote Zoom, Focus and Iris controls for Fuji and canon broadcast lenses.

Operator has full control of remote head by means of joystick.